Western Section AUA | 2019 Health Policy Forum
Portola Hotel at Monterey Bay ‐ Sunday, Nov. 3
DeAnza Ballroom

Program Agenda  (as of 8‐30‐19)

Eugene Rhee, MD, MBA, Chair

Lunch Service Begins

12:00pm ‐12:05pm
Welcome – Eugene Rhee, MD, MBA, Chair & AUA Public Policy Council Chair‐elect

12:05pm ‐12:15pm
President’s Address & Update ‐ Jeffrey Frankel, MD

12:15pm – 12:30pm
AUA Update – Scott Swanson, MD, AUA President‐Elect

12:30pm – 12:50pm
Interactions on the Path to Reimbursement: AUA, CPT & RUC
Ronald P. Kaufman, Jr., MD, FACS ‐ Prof. of Surgery, Associate Urology Residency
Program Director ‐ Albany Medical College, Albany, New York

12:50pm – 1:05pm
Is Big Data & Precision Healthcare coming to the Rescue?
Shez Partovi, MD – Amazon Web Services, Worldwide Lead for Healthcare, Life Sciences, Genomics

1:05pm ‐2:05pm
The Practice Predicament: What’s on the Menu ‐ M&A, Employed or Private?

Street Smart Wisdom from Industry Experts: Irv Barnett and Debra Phairas
Meet our speakers

2:05pm – 2:15pm
Q&A / Conclusion

Sunday Morning Practice Management Courses

7:30am – 8:15am
Health Policy Essay Winner Presentations
& Health Data/Quality Improvement (HDQI) Poster Session (HDQI is a new category)

Moderated by Drs. Eugene Rhee and Jeffrey Frankel

8:30am – 9:45am
Top 10 Actions for Urology Practices in 2020
Mark N. Painter, Physician Reimbursement Systems

10:00am – 10:45am
Managing Medicare in 2020 and Beyond
Arthur Lurvey, MD, FACP, FACE
Medicare Contractor Medical Director, Noridian Jurisdiction E

10:45am – 11:30am
California Urological Association Annual Meeting
With special presentation by CMA President, Dr. Peter Bretan

Nov. 2 ‐ Saturday Afternoon Program
Powered UP! ‐ Urology Practice Success Clinic

Moderated by Micheal Darson, MD
Directed by Mark Painter, CEO at PRSURO and John C. Lin, MD, AZ Private Practioner & Tech Expert

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Three Courses:
2 pm – Telemedecine Tech
4 pm – Using RVUs in Your Practice
5 pm – Adopting New Technology


Meet our Health Policy Forum Keynote Speakers

Irv Barnett, MBA, CMPE

Irv Barnett’s 40-year career in health care spans a vast array of roles, in managerial positions in hospitals and medical groups. He has also managed practice mergers in orthopedics, urology and primary care, providing the initial plan and daily on-site support to ensure a smooth transition. Barnett also developed and administered the UC Davis academic specialty clinic network, in the newly acquired Sacramento medical center. He regularly applies his expertise helping both independent and hospital-based physicians to optimize their relationships with local health systems. In 2015, he joined forces with his long-time colleagues to found V2V practice management consultants.
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Debra Phairas, MBA

Debra Phairas is president of Practice & Liability Consultants, LLC, a nationally recognized firm specializing in practice management and malpractice prevention. Her background includes medical clinic administration and loss prevention management for NORCAL Mutual, a physician malpractice insurance carrier in Northern California. Her consulting experience includes over 1,800 practices of all sizes and specialties. Typical engagements include: practice start-ups, practice assessments, mergers, financial analysis, revenue enhancement, overhead reduction, personnel management, over 400 practice valuations, expert witness, partnership issues and recruitment support for hospitals and physician groups.
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