Establishment and Refinement of a Urology Simulation Program - An Opportunity for Enriched Training


This is a special training course using an innovative "Round Robin" format with attendees grouped at 5 stations and faculty rotating between each station after a 20 minute session.



 Thomas Lendvay, MD / Robert Sweet, MD / Elspeth McDougall, MD / Andrew Hung, MD / Timothy Brand, MD


  1. Understand the opportunities to conduct performance assessments in Minimally Invasive Surgery in an operationalized fashion that is consistent with the reporting requirements of the ACGME Milestones Project
  2. Understand the principles of debrief and how to incorporate into simulation training events
  3. Demonstrate understanding of potential solutions to the hurdles in logistics and resources for the implementation of a robust simulation program
  4. Understand opportunities for training non-technical skills in simulation in urology.


 Stations / Agenda:

  • Performance Assessment
  • Debrief
  • Importable Curriculums
  • Logistics and Resources
  • Non-technical Simulation
  • Wrap-up
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